Without Her

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can't live without her

The story of Chimidoro Red, Twilight Black, Leviah and Umbra.
It's pretty much about Chimidoro Red, but it also explain her relationship with Black and her connection with Leviah.

The Monster without memory ;
The Angel kicked out of Heaven ;
The emprisonned Queen ;
The girl that doesn't exist.

The Asylum : Landscape of fears and broken memories ;
The Frozen Sea : Landscape of amnesia ;
The Sunset Cliff : Landscape of Angels with broken wings.

Arabella was carefully. She drank too much weird teas her mother made her to keep the bad things on their line, was a coffee addicted, never went out without her headphones, with rock or electronic music pounding, so her sonoquinist part would feel content, smoked way too much for someone of her age and was the saddest of all the three women.

story: the secret society
age: 17
house: aureum
nationality: french, canadian

She brought smiles to others faces by hiding behind her own. Water is calm without something to disturb it.

She learned to love him for the man he had become, not for the boy he was...but when did he first fall in love?
He hardly knew, for it felt like he had always loved her
She was what she was, which was beauty, goodness and light,
he was beautiful, in a very forbidding type of way.
They were a study of contrast...light versus dark,hard versus soft...
and they complemented each other even without knowing

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Shailene Sherwood
Daughter of Robin Hood

A thief who loves her three brothers but can't stay two minutes with her two sisters without turning mad
Best friend with the son of King Richard who's in love with her


@101_dreamer I envy those who hear that laugh.. and those with who you laugh.. 💔  


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romi namdar
romi namdar

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@Samantha_SA All she did was hurt people  

black and white
Andrea Callacna
Andrea Callacna

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