The morning shine ny rainy day & time for a coffee moments remember .... #encoreunmatinici ♡

things I find cute, beautiful or downright adorable. things I hope to achieve in life. Or maybe it's just a beautiful eye: for They are the windows to the soul. Who knows?

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I awoke many mornings to Jacaranda blossoms outside my bedroom window growing up. We had a very large tree that covered a large area of our backyard.

farm animals, fields of gold, pick up trucks, family bbqs, tire swings, days start at dawn, homemade peach cobbler, skipping stones, torn overalls, farmers markets, fresh fruit, open windows, soft breezes

"its ok to want ur own happiness. its ok to care about urself the most. u arent obligated to sit there and smile and swallow every bit of shit everyone heaps on u. ur more than furniture, ur more than window dressing, ur not their shiny toy. ur human and u have the right to say "that was shitty of u". u have a right to protect ur own mistreatment and set boundaries 4 respectful interactions. the rest of the world doesnt realize u have this right, and theyll act offended when u excercise…"


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