Weird Shoes

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❣Yeeaa I have a weird obsession with shoes... all kinds of shoes❣

style estilo ropa clothes grunge soft space weird model make up things jeans shorts shirs tee shoes skirts high heels hell

A lot of weird stuff like places, things, shoes, selfie etc. that I like and seen with my eyes.
My instagram @felicia.strablog 

I have a passion for hair and shoes. I'm weird.

Good fashion. Bad fashion. Weird fashion. It's all fashion to me 👍🏼👌🏼

I'm in love with Harry's long hair, shiny shoes and weird t-shirts, but 2013 Harry Edward Styles is my little sweet cupcake.


@noeliixx Wow this is so weird, but I like it a lot  


@nat38 Those shoes you will only try on when you are with your friends ♡♡♡ ~J♡~  


@xxJoannaxx Cactus??