We Can Do It

hoping for better days... things will be okay. i know saying something about this won't do a thing. But its all i can do. #rip to all of those who we lost on may 22, 2017. and i hope that everyone that was injured is getting better.

They say, it's easy to be a teenager. Isn't it? But what to do when your life is a fucking mess and you just don't understand things? The people around us, our realationships and friendships are so complicated. We feel like we're lost. We don't know how to feel. It's hard to tell. But one thing is clear. It is our time. We can be ourselves now. #teenagers #wild # alternative #grunge #teenpower #art #youth #music #sex #love #cigarettes #latenights #alcohol #dowhatyouwanttodo

Funny,real life quotes which make you smile and think about who you are and what you can do .
Always smile and be positive. 😀😘

Mental health is just as important as physical health. End of story. You are so incredibly strong, stunningly beautiful, oh so smart, worth more than you will ever know, & loved by so many people. You CAN & you WILL get through your situation. It does NOT define you. You're capable of so many things, & that is so amazing. Take time for yourself. Heal, even if it's not today or tomorrow or even the day after. & yes, we might be strangers, but I'm here for you. I will listen & I will care.


@ferff "Sometimes after the pain it just feels so good, so right to let go" http://letitoutofyourchest.blogspot.com/?m=0  

Ahmed Islam
Ahmed Islam

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Nialls Potato

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