yoon jisung [윤지성] is a south korean singer under MMO Entertainment and YMC Entertainment. in 2017 he survived mnet's produce 101 season 2 and qualified to be a member of the boy group wannaone.

{produce101.} - a survival program that got us crying both season 1 and 2

{wannaone.} - a group that is a pun about the program they were in. don't believe me? repeat wanna one.

Wanna One collection 👍

"I guess you can be yourself, whatever that means-the best and worst of you. And they love you anyway. You can fight, but even when you're mad at them, you know they're not going to stop being your friend."

lets support wannaone and produce 101 s2 trainees who got eliminated 💯❤


@ingrid_lunny I love Youu💙💗🐥❤💜