Doesn't everybody want to wander?

for the ones with the wild and wandering soul

Based on my Sagittarius boyfriend

Ernesto was a boy born with curiosity , he wandered a lot and eventually got lost in the forest of his own mind, he wanted to know everything and looked for the explanation of the universe, life and existence , his old soul made him fall in love with history, and trapped himself in a never ending spiral of knowledge from which he couldn't scape he cried every night and asked the moon for answers yet she never answered back

not all those who wander are lost

Everything that makes my mind wander 🙃😏😊

This collection basically represents everything that is amazing or just very beautiful! Pretty much anything that is "goal worthy". This collection should just wow your mind for a moment or make you want to share all these photos! You might even want to use some of these pictures as your wallpaper! Whatever the reason you want to look at this collection is, just enjoy and let your eyes wander off...


@silly_buky Linkin Park Chester Bennington charm Choker  


@Marleen_vdW The snow floated down, the street lights and Big Ben endes up covered in snow. -London- ~Great Brittain~