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Just adding pictures in this collection when I feel sad or when I'm upset. Yeah I often am.

the one thing, that you CANNOT deny; is that food brings people together. food is what makes us. it's apart of culture, it's apart of our nature. it's just simply us. it's also expression. how many times have you binged on fried foods or ice cream because you were upset? or just simply - hungry. food, is everything. 🍔

Look @ this whenever your upset, lost, or just wanna spoil ya self

imagine being yoongi's gf

♡ you running your fingers through his hair when he’s stressed or upset and vice versa
♡ you inspiring him to write songs
♡ some are even dedicated to you
♡ gummy smiles
♡ long hugs when he gets back from tour

'We don't get to get upset. We all have jobs to do' Beth

my dear friend, I promise you from the bottom of my heart, that it will get easier


@wplan FunSubstance - It's so fun, I can't even  


@sadxomal -until you're dead  

november rain
november rain

@brontesnovember keep pushing me away