Total Red

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red style nice super cool trend outfit

literally wish I lived in this time

A goddess.
The slayer.
Total royalty.
Tell me how is she so good at it all

— Keith Kogane
       ↳ voltron legendary defender

smol red bean. soft and angsty™. independent. deserves all happiness and hugs. so brave. the loner™. a great leader!!!!!. totally crushing on Lance.

⇢ “You want me to lead voltron, this is how I lead!”

Blue- Trust, Loyalty, and Confidence Red- Strength, Passion, and Action Purple- Ambition, Creativity, and Wisdom Orange- Warmth, Enthusiasm, and Happiness Yellow- Hope, Intellect, and Positivity Black- Mystery, Rebellion, and Aggression Brown- Sincere, Sensitive, and Protection


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Mariaelisa Pignalosa
Mariaelisa Pignalosa

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