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Models, you tubers, and people who walk the city of today's society mainly wear make-up. Especially girls, they go full on for there make-up and like to show it off on any app or just simply going out! 💄

'jordan, i need you to show around our new belle today.' said the manager, pete.
'yeah, totally-.' jordan chirped- always optimistic, just like her character- but stopped when she watched in the mirror as a girl leaned against the doorway. dark eyes, sharp cheekbones. in a leather jacket and cut-off gloves. jordan had to turn around to make sure the girl was actually that pretty. she was.
the girl nodded sharply and brushed past.

Hi guys! Today I gonna speak about this collection:black beauty♥️♥️
I want that the women blacks are confiance in them that's why I wanted to make this collection. Show that black woman is beautiful .sorry I 'me French 🇫🇷so my English is not perfect

today's society will never understand the grace of a black and white photo, and how it shows the intimacy scorching throughout their bodies.

Released 2017.02.13

160504 - SEVENTEEN First WIN ♥

All Photos does not belong to me, it belongs to the Respective Owners.

Collection Status: Started Today

Credits as watermark and also to PLEDIS 17


@smile_with_eyes THAT pose, u better stop disrespecting me this way Harry.  

Harry Styles

@smile_with_eyes His dimple is deeper than the Pacific Ocean.  


@smile_with_eyes Should I focus on his voice or his eyes or his lips his hair his nose his cheekbones his jawline– *brain crash*