house traits ; bravery, courage, daring, nerve, chivalry
house animal ; lion
house colors ; scarlet and gold
famous gryffindors ; godric gryffindor, harry potter, hermoine granger, the weasley's, neville longbottom, seamus finnigan, lavender brown, dean thomas

real life Prince Charming | hot as a cup of tea | nicest person alive

thomas jefferson || genderfluid || he/she/they || age unknown || bisexual || beldam || shapeshifter || trickster || loves games || sews and knits when angry to calm down || despises cats

The Best BabyBoy, Thomas Stanley Holland ✨

The one and only and certainly very beautiful, Calum Hood.


My Vrea Bradley Bag I'm Going To Use It As My Diaper Bag💯🛌🚽💉🚿💊🏥🏥🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍽🍽🤒🤒😢😥😰  


@sammysunflower jaredpadalecki Had SUCH a great time at the @sandiegozoo !! I don’t even mind that the two-toed sloth stole my camera! ;) #sandiegozoo