The Past

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this is REAL emo kid hours smash that mf like button if you're up past midnight and crying over your waste of a life

thoughtful words. they can spark inspiration in the reader, remind them of their past, or even place a faint smile on their face💭🙂

"The strongest people have a past filled with chaos, heartbreak, and disappointment."

Serena Winchester | Daughter | Artist | Hunter-in-Training | Lebanon

we can live beside the ocean, leave them far behind
swim out past the breaker, watch the world die

antique, old school, retro, reminiscing the past through hearted images.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to past
It's about learning how to dance in the rain
📷 @dantekahu 📸


@thefallenuchihaobito All he wanted was to become hokage, and yet all he knew was to be a hero. I don't know which one would of been better but he still has done good in the end.  


@keisi_is Unforgettable🚨⌛️🙏🏻  


@micu_manuela TIME Cover - Vol. 10 Nº 5: King Michael I | Aug. 1, 1927