That's Amazing

This is a collection of some photos that I prefer from the amazing anime : One Piece!

Jo Wilson is amazing and so is Jolex

the actual definition of life and happiness. this amazing group deserves more appreciation, they are so talented and hilarious. being an army is a honour.

Love is great and love is beautiful...waiting for that perfect guy makes it all the better...a guy that makes you smile, a guy that makes you'll know you found the one when he makes you smile and feel beautiful even when you wake up in the morning looking like crap. Not all relationships are for life...but I would rather have a life of a couple boyfriends and end up in an amazing marriage then have tons of shitty boyfriends and not get married.

Dedicated to the one lad who taught me to stand up for my family and friends when they need me. The one lad who showed me life is a tough deal sometimes, but you can make it. Also the dude who often told me to drop out of school. Now that's not gonna happen, but he's still cool. He reached for his dreams and look at him now; just watch this amazing human being doing what he's loving the most and what he's truly amazing at. We should all be like him. Kindhearted, beautiful and honest.

This band helped me get through a very tough time. Most likely the toughest time of my life. This band helped me to change myself, my way of living and my view on life. They helped me to grow when I was forced to. They had a hand on my back all the time, pushing me forward, but making sure I didn't fall. I wouldn't know where I would be, if I hadn't had their music and their four amazing personalities influencing me through the times, that marked me and my heart forever.