an original character from my book: Criminally

"There are at least 17 ways this could've gone better. Literally. Like, I'm counting them right now, you moron!"

your uniqueness faded as you became comfortable with the boredom (blues; tara park inspired)

The Queens👑💄👗💖💗
Bo Ram♈|Qri ♐|So Yeon ♎|Eun Jung♐|Hyo Min ♊|Ji Yeon ♊|Hwa Young ♉|Ah Reum ♈|Da Ni ♑

"Photography is the beauty of life captured"-Tara Chisholm

Tara is an introvert, she loves, the ocean, her Labrador-Retriever dog, Genji, and all animals:


@gentlypeachy the two great power couples