Taemin Oppa

Kim Kibum


All the guys that are here are my Bias Ho Seok (Won Ho), Kim Ji Soo, Joo Heon,Jae Bum (JB), Gong Yoo, Ki Hyun, Lee Ki Kwang, Taemin, etc.
(Aún faltan oppa por nombrar, pero si lo hago nunca termino 😂😍)
Why? Ellos son una descripción gráfica del hombre perfecto 😍😘 los amo💙 | Perfect man |Charisma

This collection has pictures and gifs of the amazing men in the Kpop group SHINee. <3

A collection dedicated to this beauty ❤

Just a Shawol hearting her oppas~

* S H A W O L *
* S H A W O L *

@mylifeshinee 😍 My Babies 😍