Super Bowl

Eurovision is the granddaddy of all talent shows and the Super Bowl of singing.

"Un intelectual es el que dice una cosa simple de un modo complicado. Un artista es el que dice una cosa complicada de un modo simple." C.B

“I am a Christian that loves the Lord that just happens to play football,
that happens to get to be on cool TV shows,
that happens to get to be on commercials. I’m a Godly man first. I chase after God.
I play football for the sole reason to give God Glory.”

 ―  Shaun Alexander

To fuel my obsession with left shark.

Katy Perry is the actual queen of pop. Her best selling album "Prism" debuted on all along the world with her hit songs "Roar", "Dark Horse" and "Birthday" also staring at her performance at the 49th Super Bowl Half Time Show.

Lady gaga

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