Straight Red Hair

Curly, straight, wavy, kinky, long, short, very long, very short, red, blond, black, brunette, unicorn, frizzy, laid down, bang or no bang, dread locks, braids, natural hair, weaves, wigs, they're all slaying bye 💯

Grace is an original book character of mine. She was born in 3901, and became an orphan. Her neighbours adopted her, and she grew up with them. She dropped out of high school and started working at a children center. She is an artist, brave, reckless, strong, caring and straight forward. She has very dangerous relationships with guys, and she never learns what is good for her. (Book: Four)

Light, dark, long, short, curly, straight, wavy, red, blue, blonde, brown, orange, up, down, buns, ponytails HAIR comes all different types and styles and is beautiful in every aspect of the manner and this collection showcases it

Brown, red, blond, black...
Short, medium, long...
Wavy, straight, curly...
You Will find here 👇

I am obsessed with everything hair. I love funky colors, curls, just straight hair, long, short I basically love everything. I myself have had purple and red hair and absolutely loved it!

Some simple and some more complex than my life! Lots of amazing hairdos ranging from formal to casual styles, red to black hair colors, short to long hair, straight to wavy to curly! Hope you all enjoy!!

Andreea Baba
Andreea Baba

@andreea_baba New hair color ❤😈  


@dyhair777 How amazing color hair.