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the original house went to war and the other houses were wiped out and house požár was left untouched. years go by and house požár lives to see new houses form. House Požár was destroyed but real Požár blood stayed and their hate grew for the Lannisters. The Požár twins build their house and gather houses that are on the brink of destruction. House Požár has every single kingdoms blood. Along with Asian, Indian, and Slavic blood roots. They are known for their fire power, twins, and bastards.

teen wolf / the mortal instruments / peter pan / the infernal devices /harry potter / dylan o'brien / the shannara chronicals / narnia / the lord of the rings / the hobbit/ n / the flash / the 100 / TVD / the originals. and all the motherfucking ships and fandoms there is to be in. enjoy your stay! x  

Cavan is an original book character of mine. she was born in a kingdom named Eragone, to a nobel family. After her dad died and her mother couldn't stay in the castle, the king and queen adopted her. she is a witch, she doesn't know about it, and she will be in danger because of that. she is a good friend, kind and gentl, emotional caring. But we all know that good can be attracted to evil. (Book: We Dream Because Our Soul Can't Sleep)

Meme Yoongi has the finest collection of Suga memes, text fitting pictures and reactions.
Enjoy your stay.

— It takes a lot of willpower to stay good when everybody you know wants to see you dead. | The Moon's incarnation | art saved her soul | has the purest heart ever | "They never let her get close to dangerous stuff. She was already dangerous on her own." | {The Moon's Daughter - original story}

original character of my book in progress
"No matter what, you will always stay my little girl Amalia."


@brightminds Son buenos consejos, en una sola foto😜😉  


@dandeliondonuts Don't force yourself into spaces where you don't fit. Even if there isn't a place for you in a clique. Be your own clique. Don't sabotage your character to be a fake. Because nothing's better than an original. ✨  


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Stay weird .👊😂🌺💚🙌🐍🙈  


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