Spencer Reid

"yes, i'm a genius." a collection of images, lyrics, quotes and aesthetics for the bau's resident genius.

“ this is calm and its doctor ”

Matthew Gray Gubler from criminal minds. A MAN 🔥😍

The show is very good watch it I suggest.

Fanart, show clips/pictures, cast, text posts and anything criminal minds-related that I find!

criminal minds
Ceren Su Özdemir
Ceren Su Özdemir

@lovatoxlavigne Thank God for Matthew Gray Gubler😍  


@WingsofWax REID: Son of bitch! Hi, this is Doctor Spencer Reid. I actually CAN come to the phone right now with a very special message that your mother is a d- HOTCH: Reid. REID: Sorry. This scene made me laugh sooo HARD!!! It's very special when Reid actually