So Thin

Uri leader...So lucky to be your star mate Junmyeon oppa!!! Thank you for always sticking through thick & thin!!! 🐰

currently trying to lose weight, so here're my motivation pictures

A collection of all beautiful girls and women. Little or big. Thin or Thick. White or Back. We all are the same. So this is to encourage all girls!

Healthy is not about being thin or strong or fit, healthy is about loving your body and being happy with what you have. Nobody's perfect, so cherish everything about you, the fat on your stomach or the cellulite on your thighs. Appreciate your body and treat it with good food and exercise. (These are images of MY personal goal, images that inspire me. They might not be right for everyone)

not promoting eating disorders, but this may have a trigger or two, so be careful sweetheart's. This is just my own personal motivation for my body goals, I do not body shame anyone but myself!


@grandemiracle when I put it on, it feels like he's in the room with me  

why so serious?
why so serious?

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