her first and only love was pizza and dogs| mythology nerd| obssesed with llamas, milkshakes and smoothie| i love art but art doesn't like me| hate horror movies| love read and watch tv shows|very honest| dog lover| small but angry| modern mind classic heart| loves all the colors (but have a crush on pink) | sarcastic but funny| weird as fuck

smoothies, coffee, tea, boxed water, stuff like that. sometimes the pictures are so pleasing, i have to look at them and wish i would take it for myself.

Amazing ideas for breakfast

Guía de alimentos saludables y snaks ricos y sanos 💯❤

I like healthy food. And I want this.

Fruits fruit légumes coconut apple salad salade maïs poulet chicken healthy detox banane strawberries cherries berry tasty delicious breakfast tast yummy food meal red green yellow colored smoothie bowl inspiration eat drinks pancakes water


@cattylittlemermaid smoothies are my favorite drink. what's yours? 🤤🤙🏼  

Ariana Mac
Ariana Mac

@ariana_macc Peanut Butter Açai Bowl  


@cannddy inspirhes:“niqhtblissinq:“niqhtblissinq: all my awards | summer cocktail awards | world tour awards| supernatural awards!”i n s p i r h e s”