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People who sacrifice their privacy life to make people happy and enjoy their music and be still kind decpit the pressure on them
With love Razan😘

Fashion is not any word it is a special thing you are givted to some people because it's something shown and expressed aboit you and the things you like
With love Razan😘

Just look at them! Smiles are contagious. Go forth and contaminate as many people as you can : heart, re-heart, and over all I hope you found yourself smiling dear ;)

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I'm just wondering their stories

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Most amazing twins in the world. They know to how bring smiles to peoples faces.
When needed especially. Having a rough day? Just watch/remember the dolan twins


@ALI_H97 أنا الوحيدُ الذي أرى في وجنتيك شمساً وقمراً في آنٍ واحد #علي_كريم  

Lucy Seymour
Lucy Seymour

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