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Skulls and skeletons theme

Before I lay down to rest say what I wanted and smile for the cameras

Hot weather opens the skull of a city, exposing its white brain, and its heart of nerves, which sizzle like the wires inside a lightbulb. And there exudes a sour extra-human smell that makes the very stone seem flesh-alive, webbed and pulsing.

Aesthetic for The Morrigan from The Wicked + The Divine

Just some people protesting and preaching about things that shouldn't need to be because you think that society has some decency in them but apparently not.

And here are things people also a) need to get it through their thick skulls and/or b) need to understand and question and think carefully about.

Thank you and have a good day.

Here she is not undeserved.
Not forgotten.
Not humiliated.
Known by Princess Elia of Dorne, the future Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. A sweet and intelligent woman with delicate health, with such a sarcastic humor that could be considered acidic, she loved stories about monsters, but when she saw the skull of her son being strangled against the wall she met the real monster.


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Sweet Rejection
Sweet Rejection

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Sweet Rejection
Sweet Rejection

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