speaks like 5 different languages (not including her mother language), judging you, cannot shut her mouth for a minute

"roses are red,
violets are - this really has to stop.
(IMHO)destiel is canon,
so shut the fuck up."
- a poem by me, at 3 in the morning

shut up ❤

Dear revolutionary friend, it wouldn't hurt to shut up sometimes

Its completly normal and fine not always have motivation to study so.... I made this collection with some inspirational photos and hopefully they will motivate you(Sorry if my english is bad but my native language is not english so....ok i'll just shut up!) ;)

Dark haired, brown eyed, mixed, sassy, petite girl who can't keep her mouth shut


@moonlightrroses Shut up. lol jk bae ~~Follow me for more~~ @moonlightrroses