mark; "i'm known for being quiet, and that's all i really know about what people think about me, other than that i like bizarre places like the beach"
"that's not bizarre"
"it is when you head there to wander about the possibilities of being murdered by a shark"

we're swimming with the sharks until we drown

Welcome to a city that'll bring you to your knees
It'll make you beg for more, until you can't even breathe
Your blindfold is on tight, but you like what you see
So follow me into the night, 'cause I got just what you need
We're all rollin' down the boulevard, full of pimps and sharks
It's a motherfuckin' riot, we've been dying to start
You better grab a hold 'cause now you know your falling apart
You thought these streets were paved in gold
But their dirty and dark

in the vegas lights
where villains spend the weekends
the deep end
we're swimming with the sharks until we drown

i know this is my third collection about the ocean/beaches but this one is dedicated to beautiful ocean life 🐋💗 whales, sharks, dolphins, jellies, rays, and more