See Through

Train your eyes to see life as they do through camera lenses.

- Me

Photos that allow me see the world in different in ways through different sets of eyes.

Just what I call fashion. This is sorta just my style and the outfits I would wear.
I like to express my personality through my clothes and hopefully you can see that with this collection enjoy!! ❤

You see that trash thing you have in your laptop. Well if that came to life this is what would pop out

cut through the heart, cold and clear
strike for love and strike for fear
see the beauty sharp and sheer
split the ice apart, and break the frozen heart

I don’t see big subjects as separate from little ones. Yes, you could trudge through life with great human tragedies played out before your eyes without ever taking notice. Or you could see a universe in the smallest thing. The way a person takes their coffee, for example, might say something profound and important about that person, about all humanity, about existence itself.


@holdthatfireinyoursoul Boho chic  


@holdthatfireinyoursoul See through  


@irene_rossi_71 Crochet wraparound skirt and bikini set, beige bikini top, slip top string bikini and cover-up skirt, crochet beachwear, triangle swimsuit  


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