Season 4

I recently started AHS (finally) and am currently in season 4.
Evan Peters? Evan Peters.

I uploaded a lot of yousana gifs&pictures the last weeks or months. I already have a collection about SKAM❤️ but there are so many pics and gifs, so it's getting a little bit messy.
The next days I'm going to order and edit this collection.
PS: sorry for my bad English 😂

GOODBYE SKAM! ❤️ Thank you for the stories. Thank you for the lessons.Thank you for everything. 
#skam season 4 , #skam sesong 4, #queen sana

*waiting 4 season 6*

Its about two survivors in the ground a female leader "Clarke Griffn" and a co leader and protective brother "Bellamy Blake" they spent 4 seasons as friends and they will rise as the most romantic and beautiful ship