her first and only love was pizza and dogs| mythology nerd| obssesed with llamas, milkshakes and smoothie| i love art but art doesn't like me| hate horror movies| love read and watch tv shows|very honest| dog lover| small but angry| modern mind classic heart| loves all the colors (but have a crush on pink) | sarcastic but funny| weird as fuck

Tala Amani Campbell-Williams is a very creative girl. She's the responsible one and doesn't get into fights like Zene or Tony. But she's sarcastic.

Birthday: September 13
Characteristics: Nice, smart, and has common sense
College: Yale University

17, gay, sarcastic, loves cigarettes and painting, Drew's girlfriend, best friends with Ashton and Jayson.

i'm not great at the advice. can i interest you in a sarcastic comment?

Dead girl back from the grave - Legilimens - 19 y.o forever - pureblood and shit - filled with anger, rage & wrath - killed by the of her life and now she wants her revenge - sarcastic AF

A mean-spirited girl who's known no consequences for her actions. She hails from a long line of pure-blooded Japanese witches & wizards. She's clever, snarky, rebellious, intelligent, sarcastic, and adventurous. With an attitude and wit as sharp as her mascara, she's a popular girl among the Slytherins.
Her interests include quidditch, potions, and cats.
She is bisexual.

Based on the books; canon-divergent.


@fever_dream_boutique 🌸I found some of the first framed embroidery I made over 2 years ago 🌸 I got the frame at my local thrift shop and spray painted it pastel blue 🌸 if anybody is interested I can start selling framed sayings again, but I think I may keep this one to hang in  


@scarlettvelvets Paul Craddock | Allin Spring 2016 Collection ❤  


@BloodyHiccup "Not worth the flesh your printed on." by @Bloodyhiccup aka Sarah Erupted in.