Sad Lonely Girl

nights = dancing on empty streets, being drunk, feel kinda lonely but don't care

Sad and lonely, I need somebody to hold me.

There was a star that shone brighter than all the others. First to appear and last to leave. Mother to the lonely, to the sinners, to misunderstood people looking for a home. And there was a girl who had no heart to love, and Ares in her veins. Her soul was fire, and her smile had the color of innocent's blood. She had no one, but in the Morning Star, she found home. She found herself.

musician. songwriter. archer. coffee enthusiast. adores superheroes, vigilantes, & comic books. believes in aliens. loves nasa. dog owner. summer is the favorite season. always loses best friends. started college at fifteen. actually really sick, but pretends to be a strong vigilante, anyway. wants all girls to be passionate, hardworking, recognized for their greatness, and to not let anyoneโ€™s words hold them back. kind of sad and lonely, but tries hard to be strong as expected of her.

For You To Know..I'm Not A Girl, My Name Is Nikolas, I am A Boy. I have Mental Issues. And This Explains It All For You To Know..

16 y/o | homosapiens | female but i'd say i'm a girl with a body of a 12 year old boy | sarcastic, annoying, lonely and quirky weirdo | drinking bleach for a living | FOLLOW ME ON; instagram: stxrletdust // twitter: @littlepolishwiz \\ tumblr:

breaking bad

@kahdiya_lynne "Who do you want to be? Where do you want to go?" ~ Jane Margolis ๐Ÿšฌ