Sad Imagine

imagine being jungkook's gf

♡ you’re always stealing his sweaters
♡ if he can’t find it he knows you have it
♡ opens his arms when he wants to cuddle
♡ always very worried about you
♡ wants to make sure you’re comfortable and wants to help you when you’re sad or stressed

Lyrics from:

Evanescence, Nightwish,Three Days Grace, Black Veil Brides, Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park, Fall out boy, Lana del Rey, Sia, Halsey and others...

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jokes, poems, texts, heartbreak, memes. everything you can feel and imagine combined in one collection.

🌸 I hate you. I love you. 🌸

Black is not sad.
Bright colors are what depresses me.
They're so..Empty.
Black is poetic.
How do you imagine a poet?

a story told in pixelated photos. a huge city full of bright lights and sad souls, the outskirts of the city leading into wilderness. a dream haven and a place of nightmares. anything you can imagine in one place, yet nowhere to escape.


@Muamera123 Yupp, just that.... It's all in my head...  


@ariadnamarlene2000 🎵"Me siento impotente por dentro"🎵 Esta frase me llegó al corazón y no pude evitar ponerla een esta imagen 💘