With broken words I've tried to say: Honey don't you be afraid, if we got nothing we got us.

explorer; emotional & casual; resident sweetheart and vetra-mancer
waaaay too sarcastic for her own good

the isle; tea; seamstress; auradon prep; identity crisis; insanity; tom ryder
daughter of the mad hatter and alice kingsleigh

She's kind, gentle. She's too good for her role. She listens her heart, she hates when her friends are disappointed.
She only wants a new home.
Big heart, smart brain but too naive. A mess with relations and a bad taste of guys.
Always trying to find the good part of people, always trying to do the right thing. She's Jin Ryder, daughter of Alec Ryder and new human Pathfinder.

Biotic || Vanguard || Queen of Kadara β™‘
-Mass Effect Andromeda-

winona laura horowitz.

look up Pastel Gradients by Silk Pangea on SoundCloud
(thank me later)