Right Or Wrong

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a silver haired slytherin princess who fell in love with the right boy at the wrong time

born in the wrong generation or the right?🃏

Things that should be wrong but are so right

Demon pox, oh demon pox
Just how is it acquired?
One must go down to the bad part of town
Until one is very tired.
Demon pox, oh demon pox, I had it all along—
Not the pox, you foolish blocks,
I mean this very song—
For I was right, and you were wrong!

"... Let girls be exactly what they are. Let them be angry. Let them be resentful. And rebellious. Let them be hard and soft and loving and sad and silly. Let them be wrong. Let them be right. Let them be everything, because they are everything." -Amy Sherman-Palladino

“Pessimists are usually right and optimists are usually wrong
but all the great changes have been accomplished by optimists.”
― Thomas L. Friedman


@JujuOrked if you do right,no one remember...if you do wrong,no one forgets  


@scienceofno Once you stop chasing the wrong things, the right ones catch you.  


@eclthsnh1400 "What's wrong?"