R.L. // 19 years old girl, from Italy. I'm a gamer, a student, and a blogger. My interests concerns psychology, philosophy, biology. At the moment I'm studying Biotechnology. According to the MBTI theory, my type of personality is probably INFJ even if looped, while my enneagram should be 5w6. I have no pronoun preferences , or sexual ones. // After the abstract synopsis of myself, let me say I hope you will not be disturbed by this collection; a reflection of my quite twisted mind.

— his very presence makes you light up, quite like the sun.

a 17 years old nephilim girl. she currently lives in portland. mary was adopted by a single mom when the girl was only 3 years old. her mother found her at the doorstep with a note saying "take care of her". living an ordinary life as a junior at high school she is very sweet and quite naive. her nephilim powers haven't awaken yet but the girl knows something's off about her.

"war doesn't determine who's right. it determines who's left." a collection of images, lyrics, quotes and aesthetics for the original character who just wants to make a difference in the world but isn't quite sure how.

Beautiful, rich, dark, not - quite - perfect aesthetic mostly comprised from photos, some heavily photo-shopped.

Winners never quite
Quitters never win


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