Queen Bee

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Two new girls from out of town move into the small town of Cowlhide for their junior year of high school. A queen bee must learn how to harness her power and train her new partners. Together they will battle the horrors that every high school teen faces, plus destroy with a powerful demon haunting their lives. Normal teen stuff.

Ariana Everlind : Straight blonde hair • Blue eyes • Rich • Mean • Snobbish • Queen Bee

headers and covers for your twitter, tumblr, and whi
and pictures of nature + pretty places!

basic white girl, super rich, a total bitch, queen bee, a daddy's girl, regina george wannabe
 dating hunter gilmore

loc; Riverdale
queen bee, problematic, popular, bad bitch, beautiful, strong ;
hogwarts house; Slytherin
"You're welcome to challange me...
But you'll lose.„


@lauraleerosenberg gurl im scared of the dark  

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