Purple And Black Hair

- Naturally blonde but has dyed purple hair -

- Rich Kid -

- Famous singer/songwriter/actress -

- Rebellious little shit -

- Too badass and fabulous for you -

- Girlfriend of Pierce Anderson -

- Sarcastic af -

- Also cusses a lot and does stupid things sometimes -

They are a couple.

Nemuko loves the elegant style, feminine and also a little vintage. She has a purple short hair. (In the past, she has a black hair)

Eimy loves the fashion, so she always change her style. She has a blond long hair.

They are friends of Nanashi and Mica.

Little giraffe who is tall, cute, funny, naughty, tall, selfie lover, rapper, amazing deep voice, loves himself, obsessed with the same type clothes and tall 💕

Hair color inspiration 💆🏾

golden locks (or purple or black or pink or green or red or brown or blue or glittery or rainbow)

abstract aesthetic
characterized by dyed hair, piercings, black clothes, tattoos, stars


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