A mean-spirited girl who's known no consequences for her actions. She hails from a long line of pure-blooded Japanese witches & wizards. She's clever, snarky, rebellious, intelligent, sarcastic, and adventurous. With an attitude and wit as sharp as her mascara, she's a popular girl among the Slytherins.
Her interests include quidditch, potions, and cats.
She is bisexual.

Based on the books; canon-divergent.

Welcome to the only underground Supernatural Black Market in the world. Here you will find a collection of: Grimoires, Early Scrolls, Potions and Elixers, Ancient Artifacts from around the world, Weaponry, Jewels, Gems, Rare Plants, Rare Bones, Rare Creatures, Human Slaves, Assortment of Creature Blood, Anything and Everything can be found here for your Supernatural needs. A market filled with unsavory characters.Keep your head low, keep your business quick; for danger lurks every corner.

aesthetic - mood: proud, ambitious, father, wizard, pure-blood, crafty, no choice, alone, potions, aim, captured, arrogant, prosperous, green, emotions, strong, blond, punished, compartmentalised, damaged, smart, good, royal, just a boy, white

~ witchcraft, dark arts, love potions, deadly ingredients and alcohol ~

Des altars, des potions, des pierres et des grimoires. Je ne suis pas Wiccan, c'est juste pour l'esthétisme de la chose.

Draco Lucius.

Pure Blood.


He loves green apples.


Bad and mysterious boy (And naturally blonde hair).


@vicky_vasquez Let's stop fighting for creeds and just worship and appreciate the moon and stars✨