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★ I love all flowers, but my favorite ones are daisies and sunflowers. Enjoy!

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A lot of mixed stuff I like.

get busy livin or get busy dyin —tsr

🌬When it gets cold💨🌫outside who says you can't really wear neat and fashionable wardore❕Of course you still can with these warm and Colorful styles that are hot♨️on the Market these days❗Including Rompers, Extremely Fancy Dresses, Solid Skirts in bold colors, Knee high socks in a variety of styles, knee high length boots made of plastic or Leather , mittens, coats , sweaters, leather jackets in an array of colors, tights in white , purple, blue, navy blue, sheer, and pink, 👝hats👒and undies❕


@CorbinHenry Slate Gray Portable Photography Backdrop. This backdrop can be used for selfie photos or professional looking acting and modeling portrait headshots. This is the ideal backdrop for photo ID cards, personnel photos, campaign press photos or resumes. If you