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Birthday: February 18th,1994 / blood type: A / role: rap,dance / ideal type: 「same one who loves me」 / predebut activities: he started in jokwons animal appeared in live performance he sang about school together with jimin and Jung kook / enjoys: dog,puppies, the green color, the number 7,spring / nicknames: hope first to fall my name is full of hope I also have very bring / personality: I'm a hopefully beging /family: dad,mom,older sister / fav food:original Korean foods that king eat,kimchi

Think of this as a mass storage. I use these pictures for OCs, edits, book covers, you name it. I try to include girls from all types of art styles and personality.

type of person I want to be
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personality: In control of her own life- treats it as her bitch not vice versa, not panicked when stressed,

You enjoy learning and sharing your knowledge with others. Finding happiness comes easy to you and others would compare you to sunshine.
It takes a certain type of personality to prefer yellow to all the other colors. It involves a level of optimism that most people over the age of 10 just don't have. Because of this optimism, and the idealism that comes along with it, people who love yellow sometimes come off as whacky or aloof, but that's just because the moody folks are straight-up jealous.

This type of clothing makes me feel comfortable and free of who I am and shows alot about my personality and reminds me alot about places I love.🌸🍃
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INFP is a beautiful personality type I'm glad to have. It's hard, but I feel like INFP's all have the potential to be lovely and impact life


@JustAJessiCat Personality Type accuracy? 😆 #Nailedit #DamnMyLuck #DoubleEdged  


@BIBI_Cassie I'm the kind of girl who listens to gangsta rap on the way to the farmers markets after yoga. Be yourself inspirational quote.  

Disco Mermaid
Disco Mermaid

@i_luv_u_wid_all_my_butt I can attest with personal knowledge that is this exactly how counseling works with INTJs:  

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@TheLostGirlfromNeverland_ "I tried my best. I tried to keep everyone happy, I tried to keep them from danger and heartbreak. I tried to keep them from the pain this world brings in it's vein because I wanted the light in their eyes and the hopes in their hearts to last forever."  


@Calisunflow Myer Briggs personality types 💚 makes my heart so happy reading this stuff. 😃  


@fredtography Alphabet B. The alphabet series of 26 letters making up from weirdorables doodle characters. What alphabet does your name start with?  


@ghostofgraysan Famous INTP's: Personality Types  


@najwa_aljofree What type of soul are u? 😉