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a 15 years old gryffindor student. she was born as a pureblood. even though she is a gryffindor she hasn't been disowned by her parents due to her mother being a gryffindor, too. she hates being a member of the black family but does enjoy being a pureblood. she is be really nice but often tends to act cool around others. her patronus is a raven. her middle name means "celestial" and is a dedication to her grandmother who died protecting alice' uncle when he was just a baby.

Quiet - Observer - Courageous I Patronus: Frog

Shy - Introvert - Loving - Sensitive - Determined // Lucy Alice, Willow Grace and Oscar Noah I Patronus: White Heron

Explorer - Curious - Kind - Playful - Smart I Patronus: Fox

Warm - Gentle - Creator - Storyteller // Lucy Alice, Willow Grace and Oscar Noah I Patronus: Great Gray Owl

victoire isobel weasley - gryffindor
patronus - cat
s; edward remus lupin
vic, tulips, apple pie, summer, bows, butterflies, tea, pearls, aconite, sweet, body cream with ice cream smell, seashell, daddy's girl, hairstyles, france, arithmancy, beach, head girl, hats

“paris is always a good idea”

harry potter

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harry potter

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harry potter

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