Pastel Art

Pastel art aesthetic

We haven't heard much of what JB is like but I think she is pastel grunge. I also think it be awesome if she was into art/photography like jughead is into writing.

Just drawing I find absolutely pastel and adorable☺ Normally things I'd use as profile pictures or other edits. They're pretty, trust me.

all things soft and pink; nature, plants, flowers, animals, baby animals, cats, clothes, art, baby girl aesthetic

Gore / Pastel / Cool art

I don't own any of these ✨
Credits to the real artists


•Enakei•Lovely Girl•Mellow J•Illustration Mellow J•


@Royaltiess A rose 🌹 can never be like a sunflower 🌻 and a sunflower can never be like a rose. All flowers are beautiful in their own way. ~ Miranda Kerr  

the 1975

@blissofslumberland And if I believe you, Would that make it stop if I told you I need you? Is that what you want? The 1975  

Sandry <3
Sandry <3

@sandry_1205 ❤ « No matter the conditions I'll be there »❤  

Hila Visser
Hila Visser

@PastelJaye All these damages, i blame you [Credit to the artist]  


@sweetsnugglesakura By @sweetsakura.draws on Insatgram 🌸💖