Pandora Box

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Dark summers are honeyed and sulky, full of pomegranates, thunderstorms, magnolias and un-kept promises. Cinematic and shadowy, you exist in a trance of melancholy, and feel passionately, though feign detachment. Pandora opens the box, and lightning fills the sky.

Awesome things that belong in no certain category.. misc ideas or creative art.
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Jewelry is like the perfect spice- it always complements what's already there. 💍 DIANE VON FURSTENBERG

the rejected daughter of the gods looking for revenge. set pandora up so she'd open the box.

one of the chosen kids. was sent one generation in the future so she could help pandora close the magic box.

the "final prototipe". opened the box accidentaly and seeks for someone who'll help her close it.


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