Paint Hair

Makeup is the paint and your face is the canvas

An album to represent everything I am
22 y/o, Mexican, Bisexual , Libra sun, Leo moon, Capricorn rising , Majoring in Law, tall, pale, asymmetric black hair with red tips, birthmarks, grunge/boho chic style , red lipstick addict, I journal, paint, draw and sing

for Lily Ella:
the smell of rain, vinyls, sundresses, tea always in hand, polaroid pictures, untidy sheets, messy hair, lacy panties, paint stains, golden rings, paper cranes, dainty necklaces, bulldogs, cute coffee mugs, paper cranes

Oracle - best friend: gardner sister's & percy jackson - artist - feminist

Don't hide your beauty under a painted face, a mask that makes you look similar to other women! Check out my profile for more beautiful pictures and collections to follow!


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