One Things

She is a lion-hearted girl. A storm with dark green eyes, fair skin and a golden crown made of curls. Passionate by travelling, she is a wanderer. She reads books as one would breathe oxygen. She is a musician, her long and dainty fingers can never get enough of strings and keys. An only child, forever doing things on her own, without seeking others approval. Brave at heart, always seeking adventures. An animal lover, a vegan fighter. A free soul, an autumn child.

Italian (irish origins), 28
Red hair, blue eyes, slim and short. Caucasian.
Teacher, friend.
Kind-hearted, mature, sportive, extrovert, life of the party, inopportune, loud.

She teaches P.E., one of the youngest teachers along with Erica. Tries to help, ends up burning things up further. Is generally a good person. Free spirit.

"Oh, hi! I teach P.E. here to your same class and -- NIKOLAS WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT RUNNING IN THE HALLS DAMNIT!"

Things I want to ask, say, scream, tell him. I didn't say a name but you have one in mind, don't you?

Among all the things I love, Kim Seokjin is my one and only. I love him so much. ❤

looks like you finally made it, never thought i'd see the day. anyway, these were all the things i imagined we would do. i dedicate this, my most beloved collection, to you matt.

Just a collection of one of the best things in the world.


@osais9_sun7 Niall Horan♡