Old Disney Channel

You are never too old for a Disney Channel movie 🐭

•Some people need magic to survive reality•

I Love Disney Channel Stars 😎🏰✨(especially old disney channel)
This Channel Change In My Life! Not Kidding 😂
I Miss Old Disney Channel.

hamilton, gossip girl, pretty little liars, the walking dead, clueless, mean girls, grey's anatomy, RENT, broadway in general, stranger things, the vampire diaries, marvel, heathers, the breakfast club, skins, friends, bbc sherlock, the big bang theory, disney/old disney channel, the hunger games, narnia, etc.

Follow this collection if you miss your childhood😩
ecspecially the old Disney Channel😭❤

old disney channel...forever in my heart

I was born in '97 so I grew up with this Disney channel and it WAS BETTER than the Disney channel of today 💔


@kylie_zach Diley I miss Diley so much hope they reconnect soon  


@daydreamer_verified 4 years ago today, the last episode of Hannah Montana came out:  

old disney

@idigaarciia19 It makes me feel so old.😭