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A Collection Of 90s Beautiful Stuff


Jiminie > ChimChim > Mang-gae-tteok > Mochi > Dooly

Singer , Dancer , Composer , Producer , Model and MC

13 - october - 1995

175cm × 60kg

Blood type : A

Sing of the zodiac / chinese : Pound / Wild Pig

BigHit Entertaiment

Chaotic good human bard. Dirty pirate. Champion of seduction (and rum). Coward with a silver tongue.

A collection of hilarious things from anything and everything that even brings a chuckle.

To deceive. To hide. Insidous and fair. Her divine beauty hides the screams of the enchanted and the drowned. So easily they fall under her charm. When the ocean is no longer inclement, but serene, it is already too late.
She is a epithet of the deception. A nymph.

Let each image transport you to a state of imagination. This collection of hearts are perfect for writers & dreamers alike. My aesthetic style for this collection is as realistic as surreal can get. I do not own the images used in this collection, nor have I uploaded them. Please be sure to check out the original owners of these stunning photographs if possible. Thank you. Happy dreaming~