Octavia Blake

Octavia Blake- The 100 character. Girl who hid under the floor for 13 years and turned out to be a strong warrior.

♥ Lincoln/Octavia ♥

lexie drew | proffesional klutz, doodler, daydreamer, and fangirl. in love with monty green, john murphy, bellamy blake, and octavia blake.

@babyblake | our dark haired queen who deserves to smile more.

❝ we're back,
bitches! ❞

❝ hey, spacewalker!
rescue me next. ❞

❝ get knocked down,
get back up again. ❞

OCTAVIA BLAKE. | warrior, skairipa, sky girl, grounder pounder, queen.

Clara ⋈
Clara ⋈

@Claarrraaaa the 100 cast