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wwe liv morgan gif

WWE RAW Superstar
WWE RAW Women's Champion x1
WWE SmackDown! Live x2

WWE RAW Superstar
WWE Tag Team Championship x1
WWE United States Championship x1
WWE World Heavyweight Championship x2
Money in the Bank x1
Anti-Gravity Moment of the Year x1
Breakout Star of the Year x1
Double-Cross of the Year x1
Faction of the Year x2
Fan Participation x1
Match of the Year x1
Superstar of the Year x1
Trending Now (Hashtag) of the Year x1
NXT Championship x1

WWE SmackDown! Live Superstar
WWE Divas Championship x1
WWE Raw Women's Championship x4
NXT Women's Championship x1

Such a bad ass! Love you!

WWE RAW Superstar
WWE Intercontinental Championship x2
WWE United States Championship x2
WWE Universal Championship x1
NXT Championship x1


@Kimmypoo it should be illegal to look that good  


@Kimmypoo Finn Balor is not impressed