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nice beautiful girl anime hd baby

This is aesthetic, indie theme with a dirty olive martini in mind. Like a pimento one. I see sage, mint, pink, bubblegum, salmon, some hints of cactus. I really like this one, it's coming along nicely. Got nothing but time baby! πŸ€˜πŸ’˜ Chew bubblegum & kick ass Crew was what I use to do. Now I feel like Boxing Helena sometimes... πŸ€“We all have lives we live. Be happy, somebody loves you baby! πŸ€˜πŸ’˜

*her small vanities and selfishness were growing quite nicely*

Basically the words you couldn't think of yourself

Not all Hufflepuffs are pushovers. Loyal and unafraid of toil, dedication and hard work, patient and just. I wouldn't mess with one of those badgers. They're like a family, hurt one and the rest will hunt you, these badass babes can and will beat your ass, nicely and for the right reason of course. Watch out they have claws.

i actually hate both of these colors, but they make me happy when theyre smashed together in one picture and it makes me feel like im in the movie grease. hopefully you enjoy this collection as much as i do

A Look at The Way Photographers Frame Thier Shots