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This collection is all about music and bands. Find nice pictures of your favorite bands and music in general! (most featured: Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Imagine Dragons, twenty one pilots, The 1975)

There's like 3 ocs in this collection, but who cares, right?
However, if you're cool...
There's Phillip (Phill for short). He's like this cool edgy badass type, who enjoys street racing, money and stuff. But he's a beautiful ace child β˜†β˜†
Then there's his twin brother Toma, who is supposed to be nice and caring type, but he's a bitch.
And Mary, who has purple hair and dates Toma or something. It's really hard to surprise her though
Long story short, they live together like one family :]]]

quotes// saying is about just about anything you probably can think (maybe not everything.) its mostly being positive, & just living lifeπŸ’• everyday is to short to cry over a boy or girl who's not going to be there maybe in two years from now, you never know bec that's how life works! So just try to enjoy life & be nice to mother earth!

Nice boys with nice hearts (i think so) (ir you find any of this boys...take them and never let them go) (They are too good for this World ) Bye

my little lion that has a really deep voice and has a nice nose. I miss him a lot :,(


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