New Rome

Everyone has a dream country like Paris,New York,Rome but for me Seoul is THE PLACE.
It's not about the kdramas.Nor kpop.It's about the language,the people,the city.It's about the food and the culture.
The feels when I think of Seoul.
"It feels like I was born there."

Paris, Rome, Tokyo, Londres, New York, Séoul...

There are many places in the word where I want to travel, beacause Earth is a beutiful planet.
Have you ever been to New York, London, Paris, Stockholm or Rome?
If you want to travel these cities or if you've already visited them, this collection is perfect for you. ✈️

London 💝
París 💟
New York 💗
Tokyo 💖
Venice 💕
Rome ❤

New York, Paris, London, Rome, Berlin, ...

Collection Dedicated to dramas from Thailand such as:
Puppy Honey, Puppy Honey 2, Lovesick, Lovesick s2, WATERBOYY the series, and more!


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