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Gray is both still and emotionless, gray is strong and steady, making a feeling of cool and self- restraint, and alleviates you from a riotous world. For some it doesn't invigorate, empower, revive or energize. Gray can look moderate, exhausting, dull and discouraging. But at the same time it looks exquisite and formal. I go into my gray area when I want to stop viewing, hearing, and responding. Sometimes I need the space of Gray to breathe, to forgive myself, and become a better version of me.

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HYYH era. Encopassing I Need U/Butterfly/Run/Young Forever
"Will you stop time
If this moment passes
As though it hadn’t happened
I’m scared, scared scared I’ll lose you"

I wanted to create this collection to inspire myself and strengthen my mind , soul and entire being in a time when I felt I was most weak. I searched for encouragement from these quotes that placed a smile on my face when no one else was able to and gave me a confidence in my abilities , as well mostly god . It helped me to be at peace when the world around me was being harsh. We all need encouragement and no matter how much people are around us they can be stifling and not helping us .

In this collection are just things that you need every time

Ellen Woz
Ellen Woz

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